AGAGE 12-box model

Two-dimensional, twelve-box model of atmospheric transport.  Reactions with an offline OH field are included, along with stratospheric destruction and oceanic uptake. This is a version of Derek Cunnold’s original Fortran model, rewritten in Python.

You can download using conda or PyPI, and the documentation is here:

An earlier version in IDL is archived here, but is no longer in development:

Old code

Combined Eulerian and Lagrangian Sensitivities (CELS)

CELS is a method for combining sensitivities of atmospheric measurements to changes in emissions from Eulerian and Lagrangian models (see ACP paper  The IDL code for this project is available at:

It can be downloaded using Subversion (see above link for instructions), which allows the user to easily download new versions as I upload them.  IDL 8 onwards is required due to the use of lists and hashes.  The documentation isn’t complete.


I’ve uploaded a library of IDL code that I use regularly for various things.  It might be useful to some people.  However, it’s very poorly commented and some of it is quite poorly written!  Use at your own risk: